Looks so real you'll forget it isn't!

Being totally maintenance-free, Artificial Vertical Gardens create a big impact for an extremely low lifetime cost

Benefits of Artificial Vertical Gardens

- Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

- Zero maintenance

- No irrigation

- No insects or other critters

- Made to measure for any space

- Long-lasting

- Noise-dampening

- High-quality, convincing design 

- Accurately mimics real plants

- Tough and resistant to a variety of climate conditions

Whether residential, commercial or institutional, Artificial Vertical Gardens enhance any interior space with naturalistic beauty.

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  • The only company in the world that offers four types of vertical gardens

  • We source only high quality plants and materials

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  • Up to 2 year limited warranty

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The Artificial Vertical Garden Low-Down

Artificial Vertical Gardens are an excellent solution for anyone wanting to bring some vitality and color to their space, but who are unsure about committing to the ongoing maintenance costs of a living wall.

Made to convincingly mimic real plants, our premium artificial vertical gardens are a beautiful substitute for living walls. Premium Artificial Vertical Gardens do not need natural lighting, air circulation, or irrigation, making them perfect for interior spaces that would have difficulty sustaining a healthy living wall. For exterior applications, where they will receive greater wear and tear from rain and direct sunlight, we offer a sturdy, UV-resistant variety that will look like new for years to come.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Here at Vertical Garden, Co. we are careful to monitor and take steps to minimize our environmental impact. Part of the structural backing used to mount all of our vertical gardens is made from recycled materials, and the backing itself is recyclable. We work with suppliers to ensure that all of our products are sustainably produced and harvested. The chemicals used in our preservation and dyeing processes are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for typical human use. In short, working in an environmentally ethical manner is standard operating practice.


Frequently Asked Questions Artificial Vertical Garden

How long does it take to make the artificial vertical garden assembly?

The assembly will depend on the accessibility of the area and dimensions. To have an idea though, it takes about 30 minutes to assemble 1 square meter.

Do artificial vertical gardens need maintenance?

None, it is only advised to run a wet cloth/mop every 15 days in order to keep them looking great.

Do I need a project or does Vertical Garden develop projects?

If you do not have a project on hand, our team of architects and landscapers have the experience and technical expertise to put together a unique and creative plan that meets your expectations.

What are premium artificial plants?

They are plants with different quality standards, well above average. The chosen materials and the assembly process make all the difference in the movement of the plants, in the colors, in the brightness, and in the end, the final result. The similarity with natural plants is so great that in many cases it is necessary to touch them to differentiate between one and the other.

Where can I see an artificial vertical garden assembled by Vertical Garden?

We have clients all over Brazil with projects prepared by our specialists. The entrance garden of Shopping Jardim Sul, in São Paulo (SP), is an example. In our office, in the south of the city of São Paulo, we have several specimens assembled for demonstration. Just get in touch we can provide more details.

How much does an artificial vertical garden cost?

The value is per project, so it depends on the final details. If you wish, send your idea to us that we will make a detailed budget to give life to your environment.

What types of plants are available to mount in the artificial vertical garden?

There are many options available today. We have about 30 kinds of plants of premium quality. The most popular are ferns, ivy, and spiderwort, but we are constantly developing to make that number grow every day.


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