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Vertical Garden, Co. is specialized in different styles of vertical gardens  - natural, preserved, artificial and moss - as well as traditional landscaping and gardening. With more than 10 years of experience in projects related to commercial and residential environments, we have the expertise and experience necessary to competently serve your needs.


Our professional team of architects and designers are encouraged to proposing bold and creative solutions that fit the needs and desires of our clients. All design proposals are based on the result of in-depth studies and the adoption of the most modern proven practices available. The result? Unique and functional designs that are sure to impress your guests and clients.


We are proud to break barriers and serve clients world-wide, without losing our Brazilian roots, our Amazonian abundance, or our tropical style. We believe in always acting with love and respect for the environment, and and strive to propagate these values world-wide.


Throughout our history, we have brought together innovative ideas, sustainability, passion for the business and cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality products. That's what moves us day after day.

  • Understand the demands of our customers and propose original and sustainable alternatives.

  • Be a global company. Provide prompt and responsive customer anywhere in the world. 

  • Research, study and develop efficient practices that generate less impact to the environment. 

  • Closely monitor technological innovations and incorporate the best new ideas and approaches whenever appropriate. 

  • Contribute to an improved well-being and quality of life for everyone who interacts with our installations.


The values that guide us daily define how we treat the people around us and how we do business.


  • Happy and positive

  • Customer service focused

  • Maximum quality at every stage of the processes

  • Build trust in professional relationships

  • Responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship

  • With great growth comes great responsibility


We believe in a society that respects the environment, values nature, takes care of the planet and promotes the incorporation of gardens, plants, flowers and trees into the urban fabric. We believe that human development and sustainable development are inextricably linked and must be treated as one and the same.

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