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organic textures and vibrant colors for striking interiors

Indirect lighting plays beautifully against the natural texture of moss walls!

Musgo Moss Preservado 1.JPG

Benefits of Moss Walls

- Rich, organic texture

- Wide range of color options

- Natural soundproofing

- No need for natural light

- No need for natural air circulation

- No irrigation

- No maintenance

- Brings the vitality  of the outdoors into any indoor space

- Just downright gorgeous!


Our wide variety of species and dyeing options mean the only limit on your moss wall is your imagination!

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Moss Wall Quote
  • We are specialists in vertical gardens

  • The only company in the world that offers four types of vertical gardens

  • We source only high quality plants and materials

  • International patent and direct import of vegetation and materials

  • Responsive and qualified service

  • Up to 2 year limited warranty

  • World-wide delivery and installations

  • More than a decade of experience in the market

The Moss Wall Low-Down

Preserved Moss is an interesting, modern option for a vertical garden, and architects and designers the world over are increasingly incorporating this unique natural product into their most innovative designs.


Made from 100% natural moss and lichen, moss walls improve the visual and auditory aesthetic of any area with their natural beauty and sound absorption, and require practically zero maintenance. However, periodic dusting is recommended (no water or chemicals required).

Each artisanally harvested and preserved moss has a unique texture and visual characteristic, with varied and multidimensional shapes, giving any space the perfect touch of organic refinement.

One of the great advantages of preserved moss walls, and the reason we recommend them so highly recommended for indoor environments, is because there is no need for irrigation, it works perfectly using artificial lighting and ventilation, and the need for maintenance is incredibly minimal, limited to periodic dusting. In addition, it has a long life, is easy to install, highly resistant to climate variations, does not attract insects and provides natural soundproofing.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Here at Vertical Garden, Co. we are careful to monitor and take steps to minimize our environmental impact. Part of the structural backing used to mount all of our moss walls is made from recycled materials, and the backing itself is recyclable. We work with suppliers to try to ensure that all of our mosses and lichens are sustainably produced and harvested. The chemicals used in our preservation and dyeing processes are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for typical human use. In short, working in an environmentally ethical manner is standard operating practice.

Moss Wall Catalog

Moss Wall Photo Gallery:

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