6 Ideas for Using Preserved Moss in Architecture and Design

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Are you looking for creative ways to bring a little nature into your space and incorporate it into your latest project? Preserved moss is an excellent option! It can be applied to Vertical Gardens, hung on Wall Panels or in used Art Pieces, and comes in a wide variety of colors, from earth tones to vibrant artificial colors. A Preserved Moss Vertical Garden is sure to be one of the highlights of your design!

Check out the projects below for some great ideas on how to use preserved moss in your next project:

1. Preserved Moss Vertical Gardens Green Walls:

If you're thinking about adding a pop of color to your living room or lobby, why not try something new?! The Preserved Moss Vertical Garden can be used as a fresh, organic alternative to paint or wallpaper, and is sure to delight your visitors! Due to its high resistance to typical indoor climate conditions (such as air conditioning and limited natural light) and its maintenance-free durability, preserved moss is perfect for both residential and corporate settings.

Of course the walls are beautiful, but don't miss the creative touch in that coffee table!

Preserved moss is an elegant interior design option.

This open office plan pops with a green wall centerpiece!

Preserved moss doesn't always have to be green. This wall of white moss provides a beautifully textured, organic accent without overpowering the room.

Preserved Moss Vertical Gardens are flexible, and easily adapt to organic shapes and curved architecture.

Lighting works great with Preserved Moss Vertical Gardens due to their rich, organic texture.

2. Logos and Branding using Preserved Moss Vertical Gardens:

Preserved Moss works great in logos for companies that want to add value to their image and improve brand positioning.

LinkedIn making their brand pop with preserved moss!

The bottles aren't the only thing that's green!

3. Inviting Reception Areas with Preserved Moss Vertical Gardens:

Brighten the lives of employees and wow potential clients with Preserved Moss Vertical Gardens in reception areas.

Preserved Moss Vertical Gardens combine especially well with nature and sustainability-focused brands

4. Preserved Moss Vertical Garden Panels and Frames:

Can’t decide what to hang on that wall? Why not break the mold (or the frame) and incorporate a Preserved Moss panel to brighten the room?

Preserved Moss Panels bring color and texture to add interest to any space!

Color, texture, elegance, what more could you ask?!

Why stop at just one?

Irregular preserved moss mounds provide a great counterpoint to the wood in this creative panel!

5. Art pieces and Decorations using Preserved Moss:

Let your imagination run wild! Preserved Moss is flexible and adaptable no matter where your creativity leads you.

What's not to love?

It's moss time!

Negative space, positive spaces

6. Coloring with Preserved Moss:

Preserved Moss easily takes on a variety of colors, giving you a whole range of interesting options.

The rainbow at your fingertips

Bonus Tip!

It’s easy to get a quote for your very own Preserved Moss Vertical Garden. Just click the banner below. Our team of architects and designers is eager to assist you!


Preserved Moss: What Is It, and What are Its Advantages?

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