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Corporate Landscaping at IT'S Informov Headquarters

Corporate landscape, Moss wall, Preserved plants
Informov HQ from the second floor

When IT'S Informov wanted to bring art and nature into their São Paulo headquarters, they contracted the experienced team at Vertical Garden, Co.! This exciting project combined live plants, preserved plants, and preserved moss to create a truly innovative and inspiring workspace for this innovative and inspiring architectural firm.

preserved tree

Motivated by the desire to increase the health and well-being of their employees, as well as to boost productivity and creativity, the IT'S Informov team knew they wanted to bring nature into the office. The finished project includes several green walls of both preserved moss and preserved foliage, as well as preserved potted plants and traditional (live) landscaping wherever conditions allowed.

Modern design, corporate landscape, interior design
Hip, modern seating area

The central feature of this biophilic office redesign is a stunning green wall incorporating various moss and lichen species that climbs up the wall around their stairwell, and even spills onto the floor underneath it, transforming a hitherto underused space into a charming rock and moss mini-garden.

Moss Wall, Rock Garden, Corporate landscaping, modern design
Moss wall spilling into rock garden

Check it all out in the video below!


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