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Moss Wall FAQs

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Moss Wall living room
Moss Wall living room

What are Moss Walls made of?

The raw materials of our Moss Walls are preserved mosses and lichens. They are exclusively sourced from suppliers who have shown a strong commitment to sustainability. The mosses and lichens pass through a preservation process, which allows them to maintain their texture, form, and flexibility for decades if properly cared for. The material can also be infused with dyes during the preservation process, giving a range of durable color options.

How long do Moss Walls last?

Properly cared for, preserved moss walls last for at least eight years.

What are the maintenance needs of Moss Walls?

Moss Walls have nearly no maintenance needs. Vertical Garden, Co. recommends light dusting two or three times per year.

Can I have a moss wall outdoors?

We do not recommend the installation of moss walls outdoors. Exposure to direct sunlight or rain will dramatically reduce the expected lifetime of your moss wall. However, in specific circumstances, as in a partially open location where the wall itself is protected from the elements, it may be permissible.

Do I need a design ready or will Vertical Garden, Co. develop a design for me?

Vertical Garden, Co. would be happy to develop a design from scratch or simply execute your vision if you already have one developed.

I want one! How long will it take?

Lead time can vary considerably depending on the size and complexity of each project, but we generally request about one month lead time.

Moss Wall CasaCor São Paulo
Moss Wall CasaCor São Paulo

To have even more of your burning questions answered, check out the video below!


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