natural elegance with no maintenance

Benefits of Preserved Plants

- Natural beauty

- Ideal for indoor use

- Passive air filtration

- Natural insulation

- Natural soundproofing

- Made to measure for any space

- Zero maintenance

- No irrigation

- No insects or other critters

Being totally maintenance-free, Preserved Vertical Gardens create a big impact for a low lifetime cost

Whether residential, commercial or institutional, Preserved Vertical Gardens enhance any interior space.

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The Preserved Vertical Garden Low-Down

Preserved Vertical Gardens are an innovative solution for people wanting to bring some vitality and color to their space, but who are unsure about committing to the ongoing maintenance costs of a living wall.

Made from real plants, our preserved vertical gardens go through a preservation process to maintain their natural shape, texture, and flexibility, ensuring that your green wall is the closest thing to living wall you can find without the maintenance expenses. Preserved Vertical Gardens do not need natural lighting, air circulation, or irrigation, making them perfect for interior spaces that would have difficulty sustaining a healthy living wall.

Best of all, Preserved Vertical Gardens bring some of the local environmental benefits of a natural vertical garden, including temperature regulation, passive air filtration, and natural beauty.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Here at Vertical Garden, Co. we are careful to monitor and take steps to minimize our environmental impact. Part of the structural backing used to mount all of our moss walls is made from recycled materials, and the backing itself is recyclable. We work with suppliers to ensure that all of our products are sustainably produced and harvested. The chemicals used in our preservation and dyeing processes are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for typical human use. In short, working in an environmentally ethical manner is standard operating practice.



The foliage of the preserved trees receives a special treatment for stabilization and maintenance of texture, color, movement, and beauty. The trunk is made with the natural parts of trees, thus ensuring a high degree of similarity compared to a living tree. The trees are produced according to the request of each client - they can be small arrangements of trees to giants 10 meters (30 feet) tall. You choose!

Because of its versatility and imposing look, preserved trees have been used in commercial offices, shops, malls, gyms, hotels, restaurants, medical clinics, airports, and many other locations.

FAQ About Preserved Plants

What are preserved plants?

They are natural plants that have undergone a technological process of stabilization. There are five stages, from dehydration to assembly, which take about 60 days to complete. The result is the preservation of the natural appearance of the leaves for many years.

Is there a difference between preserved a vertical garden and preserved trees?

The preservation process and techniques are basically the same. What changes is the mode of assembly and the way of buying. Vertical gardens are usually made according to the design developed with the client. Preserved trees and plants can be tailor-made, or purchased according to international standards.

Do preserved plants last forever?

In theory, the leaves and branches preserved have indeterminate validity, however, it is difficult to affirm this. What can safely be said is that durability will be for many, many years to come.

Does it really need maintenance?

No, the recommendation is to do a basic cleaning every six months to eliminate dust and keep the plants looking healthy and shiny. The preservation process has a component that helps to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Though, we recommend a technical visit as soon as you notice any changes to the tonality of the leaves.

How much does a preserved vertical garden or preserved trees cost?

The value of the preserved vertical garden is more affordable compared to the artificial and natural gardens. Each project has its own price due to the complexity, size, and type of plants. We are always on hand to make a budget.



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